Our Staff

Mary Neddo

Clinical Nursing Manager

Mary Neddo is our Clinical Nursing Manager. Mary has been working in various healthcare platforms for over 20 years with over 6 years focused on Urologic Surgical/Clinical Specialty. Mary graduated with her nursing license in 2010.

Prior to becoming a nurse Mary immersed herself in every medical training opportunity available. Starting out as a Dietary Aide, Certified Nurse Aide, Restorative Nurse Aide and eventually a Social Services Director for a Memory Care Unit. Mary was awarded the Idaho Healthcare Association CNA of the year award in 2006. She enjoyed sitting on the Alzheimer’s Association committee for the Boise Chapter; where she gained a great appreciation for the Alzheimer’s and Dementia needs within our community. As a CNA, RNA and Nurse; Mary cared for patients with a variety of ailments. Urology, Pediatric Brain Injury, Geriatrics, Orthopedic recovery/rehab, Sub-Acute Rehabilitation and Alzheimer’s/Dementia to name a few.

From 2010-2013 Mary practiced nursing as a Charge Nurse in a sub-acute rehab setting. As Charge Nurse she not only cared for the patients directly in her care (20+ patients), but she also managed the floor staff and facility needs.

In 2013 Mary could not resist an opportunity to grow and learn joining our team here at IUI. Within days she was challenged with stepping into a primary position, operating and managing a busy providers schedule and patient load. Mary fell in love with Urology and shares her passion for it with everyone she meets.

Mary prides herself on compassionate, cutting edge, patient driven care. Mary believes that there is always room for improvement. She enjoys walking through processes and is always striving to implement changes that positively influence patient and staff experience and outcomes. Mary loves to teach and lead by example. She hopes that the time, compassion and energy she puts into her nursing practice will guide other nurses and medical professionals to approach patient care in the same manner.