Advanced Prostate Cancer Clinic

What is Advanced Prostate Cancer?

Most prostate cancers are slow growing. However, prostate cancer may progress during the course of the illness.  When the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) begins to rise in the months or years after treatment for localized prostate cancer, it means  cancer cells still remain in the body and there is recurrence of the disease.  This is called advanced prostate cancer.

Although advanced prostate cancer is generally not curable, there are a variety of treatments that can control the cancer, reduce symptoms, improve and maintain quality of life, and extend survival.

Advanced Prostate Cancer Clinic

The first of its kind in the Treasure Valley, the Advanced Prostate Cancer Clinic (APCC) is dedicated solely to men with advanced prostate cancer and their specific healthcare needs. IUI has established a specialized team to provide personalized  cancer care, all under one roof, while providing support for the patient and their family from the time of diagnosis through treatment and follow up.


APCC Healthcare Team

  • John Greer, MD

  • Todd Waldmann, MD

The APCC is led by John Greer, MD, and Todd Waldmann, MD, the primary urology specialists for ongoing care in the treatment of advanced prostate cancer. They are assisted by a nurse navigator.

APCC Program Design

When you are diagnosed as having advanced prostate cancer, your primary urologist will refer you to the APCC.

You will then be scheduled for a consultation with Dr. Greer or Dr. Waldmann. The doctor will review your health history and discuss the status of your prostate cancer as well as  discuss various treatment options.  Additional testing may be needed to determine your specific treatment options.

Together with your APCC physician, a treatment plan will be chosen. Follow up visits will take place as needed based on your  individualized treatment regimen.

The nurse navigator will be your primary point of  contact. They are available to answer questions, provide support, and to  communicate with your medical team to coordinate your care. In addition, they can help  connect you to other services as needed.

Treatment options include:

Prostate Cancer Support Programs: