Since Roentgen first discovered x-rays more than 100 years ago they have been an integral part of our understanding of the body. X-rays are useful for visualizing bony structures as well as some soft tissue and can be used to diagnose everything from fractures to lung cancer. In comparison to other ways to identify pathologies (such as surgical exploration), x-rays are considered to be minimally invasive.

X-Ray Exams at Idaho Urologic Institute

The most common x-ray examinations done at IUI are for Chest and Abdomen imaging, neither of which requires the use of IV or oral contrast.

Preparation for your X-Ray:

  • You may eat & drink without any restrictions.
  • Dress comfortably and wear clothing without metal (such as snaps, zippers, eyelets, or under wires). Any clothing you wear with metal will need to be changed before the exam. Other metal items, such as rings and watches will not affect your imaging.
  • Ladies, please contact your nurse or physician prior to the day of your exam if you are pregnant, or think you may be pregnant.