Catheter Program

For your convenience, you may now obtain your catheters through IUI!

Our Catheter Prescription Process

Before you leave our office, our team is already processing your prescription. Following your office visit, your prescription details are reviewed and we will coordinate delivery. After you speak to us, your urological supplies will be shipped.

About Our Catheter Program

Contact Information: Catheter Department: (208) 768-4849. You may also request through your MyMedicalLocker portal or through our Contact Us page on our website.

Returns & Exchanges: The request to return product must be made within 14 days of receipt. Exchanges of unopened product for another same-coded product may occur. Contact our Catheter Department to discuss.

Fitting & Warranty: Fitting the product relates to selecting the appropriate French size according to each individual patient’s urethra and/or anatomy. Warranty is not directly applicable for these supplies, as they are not reusable goods.

Complaint Resolution Protocol

We adhere to the following protocol when documenting and resolving your complaints. We document your complaint within our electronic medical records. The information we document is as follows:

  • Beneficiary Name, Address, & Telephone Number
  • Health Insurance Claim Number
  • Summary of Complaint
  • Date Received & Recipient Name
  • Actions that are taken to resolve the complaint.
  • Management’s determination regarding an investigation and the reason for that decision.

We will follow up with you to communicate the actions taken to resolve your complaint.

Notify Us Of Changes

Please notify us of any changes to:

  • Your mailing address.
  • Your insurance coverage.
  • Your contact information.

Financial Disclosure

Please be advised that your physician may have ownership in this medical supply division. You have a choice when it comes to your catheter supplier, and you are not obligated to use our service.

DMEPOS Supplier Standards

The products and/or services provided to you by our program are subject to the supplier standards contained in the Federal regulations shown at 42 Code of Federal Regulations Section 424.57(c). These standards concern business professional and operational matters (e.g., honoring warranties and hours of operation). The full text of these standards can be obtained from Upon request, we will furnish you with a written copy of the standards.