IUI/SCI Welcomes Back Debbie Wilder, RN

IUI/SCI Welcomes Back Debbie Wilder, RN – She shares her experiences while working in NYC ER’s during the Coronavirus pandemic. Read more at KTVB below. … Read More

Good prostate cancer information to share from Dr. Joseph Williams of Idaho Urologic Institute.

Idaho Statesman article featuring Dr. Williams about information pertaining to Prostate Cancer. Click to learn more:

Dr. Waldmann Highlights October as Prostate Awareness Month

Dr. Waldmann Highlights September as Prostate Awareness Month. Click to learn more

New laser treatment emerges for menopausal, postmenopausal women

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Idaho Urologic Clinic in Nampa holds grand opening

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Idaho Urologic Institute opens in Nampa

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Becker’s ASC Review highlights how ASCs are reporting 50% incline in patient visits after sharing transparency on prices

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IUI Vas Madness gets some national exposure

Dr. Todd M. Waldmann recognized nationally in quoted statistics related to vasectomies increasing due to Vas Madness annual promotion. Read the full article from Parents, … Read More

Dr. Jared Heiner from IUI featured in Idaho Statesman article on prostate cancer and SpaceOAR

Dr. Jared Heiner from IUI has written an informative article on prostate cancer and SpaceOAR, a new medication that helps prevent radiation from damaging other … Read More

Taking testosterone warrants serious thought

Is testosterone therapy right for you? Growing evidence shows that the majority of men who have been placed on testosterone therapy should not have been … Read More